A new HitField Track is done, Twilight (Summernights). With a fantastic 80s/90s feeling… http://youtube.com/channel/UCasXDy4H4Rl98Ke7808wV0Q HitField is a newcomer Band, the trio produces Pop, Hip Hop & Dancemusic. At least HitField worked successfully together with the legendary producer Scott Storch.
(Known by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tyga, Justin Timberlake, ...) Founded in 2018, HitField set out to free people from their everyday lives and fill them with new strength. If anyone can do that, then it is these three live DJs who, with their vibrant energy and unbridled zest for life, cast a spell over anyone who is lucky enough to meet them. In the songs that SoundDesigner L2L Beats and the two Singer/Songwriters of the Band, Carolina, and TheOdeRich,compose and produce, they emulate their great role models. The more danceable, the better, and the more unforgettable, the better. HitField uses almost every genre to do this and they fine-tune their sound, composition, and lyrics until everything is perfectly right. Have fun and be different.