Art“ is a companion throughout her life. She is a songwriter of various genres. Until today, she has published more than 50 Songs for various artists. For many performer, she managed the whole success story. Her label has released more than 200 tracks worldwide. Growing up in recording studios and surrounded by musicians shaped her life. At the age of 28 she founded her label Lacave-Records . Now, she startet her new electronic project called Phygos.She’s interested in new digital technologies. So her company released the world s first extended reality concert. Lacave-Records is investing in new technological developments, which will be a part of her electronic project. She’s the intro voice for festivals like Nature One, Mayday and Beatpatrol. After all those years in the music industry, she wants to share her enthusiasm and happiness with others. You can find Laura on Instagram: @phygos I @kuenstlercoach I @lacaverecords.In the past, Laura played also as a DJ from time to time on several events. The time will show if she is spinning the desk again. STOP IT called her second Single. Videorelease coming soon.