Flip Capella X Emdey X Ttreetalk ft Leines

DJs Flip Capella & Emdey teamed up with US vocalist Talktree and producer Leines for a reinterpretation of the classic Down Under. Peppered with fresh, emphatic vocals, the mood of the original was retained and at the same time the all-time favorite was transferred to a new level in 2022. The crossover dance pop version is great in clubs, on the radio and on streaming platforms, it s catchy and definitely has summer hit potential! -Flip Capella is one of the best-known and most-booked DJs in Austria and this year will be playing shows at the Electic Love Festival, Parookaville or Austria Goes Zrce among others. He already has over 25 million Spotify streams and his Energy Club Files Show is the #1 House & EDM Radio Show in AT and also the #1 Music Podcast. -Emdey is an upcoming artist from Germany with a passion for UK house sound. His cover Venus is currently already at 2.7 million. With Flip Capella he already had a very strong collab with Prima Ballerina with lots of radio airplay. -Treetalk is the alias of Tyler Sjöstrom–a singer-songwriter based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. With the Treetalk moniker, Tyler finds his feet in the world of dance music, allowing the natural muse of his surroundings to inspire his songwriting. -Leines is an Austria based musician and producer with national and international collabs in different genres.