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Project Blue Sun

quality downtempo deep house prod. by PROJECT BLUE SUN. His brandnew single release "Travel in your dreams" is a beauty female vocale downtempo production at it s best and a huge follow up to his latest release "Baby I like it". Music to dream ! PROJECT BLUE SUN is releasing his records on labels such as Planet Chill (Armada); Sounds United Records; Drizzly Records; M-Sol Records, Betty Beat Records; Ocean Drive Records; Real Groove, House Foundation and many more ! The Lounge & Deep House project “Project Blue Sun” was founded in 2012 by the german producer and artist Oliver Schulz who is since 1997 active in the music biz with several projects. Oliver was born near munich and he developed a passion for music early on playing guitar. Oliver was on stage together with DJ Quicksilver, Aquagen, Nils Van Gogh, Yves Deruyter and even with the british Pop Band "Right Said Fred" and also with some other very famous DJ`s. Since 2013 he changed from producing trance music to produce mainly Chillout / Lounge / Deep House music. So he has founded his new project which is called “Project Blue Sun” Lounge music is now definitively his big love in musicgenre... While producing and getting inspiration for his new chillout/lounge/deephouse tracks he often closes his eyes and dreams of warm and sunny days at greece , beautiful beaches, colorful oceans and wonderful sunsets. Sometimes he also gets his inspiration just by relaxing and drinking some wine by candlelight. His releases “Besame” , "About Love" and “Sunrise” were even part of YORK`s compilation “Planet Chill 2013” and "Planet Chill 2014". Besame was also released on YORK`s best of Planet Chill CD! Besame reached place 31 in the chillout single charts at beatport. With his Deep House Tracks "Waiting For The Sun" and "Feel The Love" he had a huge success in several Dance Charts. In the German Dance Charts "Feel The Love" climbed even to the top 10. FULL HD VIDEO https://youtu.be/_b8YhQAuENk