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Kaan Snoop Dogg Eleni Foureira

Originally coming from the Netherlands HipHop artist KAAN has had huge success in the South Eastern European countries over the last years. Featuring local artists and international stars like Grammy Award winner R&B singer/songwriter & music producer Mario Winans his single releases reached top chart positions all over this region. When his mentor and producer Fotios Stefos introduced him to SNOOP DOGG both decided to collaborate. After keeping in touch for two years they finally agreed on the song „SIRENS“ which got produced in 5 different studios New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Istanbul & Athens. SNOOP DOGG is one of the godfathers of gangsta-rap and has been continuously successful as rapper, producer, actor and businessman over the last 25 years. He has been selling more than 35 million records and his social media followers sum up to more than 80 million. ELENI FOUREIRA has had a huge career in Greece and Cyprus, selling multi platinum albums and headlining in numerous sold shows across the South Eastern Europe. Her breathtaking performance at the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018 with the song “Fuego” representing Cyprus brought her to international attention. She reached the 2nd place, the best place Cyprus has ever achieved in the ESC, and „Fuego“ was released in many countries receiving gold and platinum awards in several countries. In the production of „SIRENS“ the magical addition was finally completed with ELENI FOUREIRA agreeing on featuring with EURYTHMICS’ classic “SWEET DREAMS ”. It´s the first time ever that EURYTHMICS gave the permission to change the arrangement of their iconic song “SWEET DERAMS ” in a cover version. The international collaboration of KAAN, SNOOP DOGG and ELENI FOUREIRA on „SIRENS“ is a great new interpretation and a homage to a real pop classic. The video for „SIRENS“ was directed by famous Echo nominated director Harris Hodovic and Pickcodes. It was shot on two continents, in L.A. with KAAN & SNOOP DOGG and in Athens with KAAN and ELENI FOUEREIRA. In charge for the high class dance perfomance was Eddy Morales, the choreographer of Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson who staged this performance with top US dancers, who have been working with Gwen Stefani, Chris Brown & Justin Timberlake.