NeoTune! & Farbenblind feat. Broderick Jones & Hambik Ashot

NeoTune! & Farbenblind feat. Broderick Jones & Hambik Ashot - One Night (feat. Broderick Jones & Hambik Ashot) NeoTune! is an up and coming German EDM/Pop-Duo featuring the two young producers Kai Demmer and Johannes Maenner. After releasing their first sigle „Storyline“ and the official remix for Jannine Weigel’s „Deep End“ which successfully gained more than 1 million plays on Youtube within only 3 months, they teamed up again with the swiss newcomer act Farbenblind in order to produce their first collaboration single „One Night“. The song features both the beat-driven style of NeoTune! and a catchy and radio friendly melody which is typical for the sound of Farbenblind. The outstanding vocals by Broderick Jones who is well known for several features on Trap Nation play a big role in „One Night“ as well as the second verse which is performed by Hambik Ashot, a Hip Hop duo from Armenia.