Johannes Huppertz

Johannes Huppertz - Lonley Hearts Club Bar_All Colours The autodidact Johannes Huppertz was born on 20th of July 1964, he was singer/songwriter and the leader of the band ā€˛Comix Strips" for many years. He has always been open minded about any kind of music and played with the very most different musicians in his hometown Cologne. So he worked with the today well known minimalist Mike Ink. (Studio 1), Peter Brings (Superjeile Zick), recorded songs at the Dieter Dierks Studios (Scorpions) and supported bands like Jeremy Day, Zeltinger Band and Chroming Rose. He always stood between commercial rock music, pop music and artificial electronic sounds. Johannes Huppertz is a real fan of Andy Warhol . Pop Art is his revelation. In all of his compositions he tries to mix tradition, zeitgeist and personal emotions. The multi-Instrumentalist NEWTON aka Johannes Huppertz is one of Germans most known Lounge, Nu Jazz, Downbeat und Chill-Out music producer. He released worldwide over 500 titles, his productions are featured on over 1000 downbeat, lounge and chill out compilations, with some of the biggest musicians like Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald or Charlie Parker. Radio & TV Stations like DJs Anji Bee (USA), Raphael Marionneau, Deluxe Entertainment TV and many more playing a bunch of Johannes productions. This time Johannes Huppertz creates with the double a side "Lonley Hearts Club Bar" + "All Colours" some beautiful easy listening and bar lounge grooves.