Lori Glori

Lori Glori – Claim It [Starhunter – STH 339904] Famed singer/songwriter LORI GLORI presents CLAIM IT to kick off the holiday season. Taken from the forthcoming Album FEELS LIKE XMAS | OUT 7 DEC 2018 | more infos: www.k-directmusic.com/release/FeelsLikeXmas | Including the Hit-Single HARK IT’S CHRISTMAS featuring Lori’s ten-year old niece Kendall Rae. Falling from the top and rising again, „Claim It“ is a song to heal and inspire others to never give up – „Dreams can come true, it’ s all up to you, if you just CLAIM IT“. The inspiration for the song came from her autobiography „SUPERSTAR – The Lori Glori Story“ by Damaris Kofmehl (Release date 30 NOV 2018 / Kofmehl Publishing). Lori’s thanks to: Larry Batiste and Claytoven Richardson (Pure De-light Music) for the horn arrangements and Bill Summers on Percussions. “ …a brilliant affirmation of faith, healing, courage, strength and victory! Lori Glori’s soulful delivery of this song is pure, honest, authentic and unapologetic. Listening to this great music is an experience that cannot be duplicated!” » Larry Batiste (Musical Director, Producer & Arranger) Artist infos: https://www.fb.com/LoriGloriOfficial https://www.twitter.com/LoriGlori https://www.instagram.com/lori_glori10 https://www.soundcloud.com/lorigloriofficial https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ewNyk_DjjJYxo6Wg_jYow https://www.beatport.com/artist/lori-glori/116930 https://open.spotify.com/artist/1dbkdFw6aL2GZzoDsuRVfM