Selin Louise ft. Mr Freeman

Selin Louise ft. Mr Freeman -Private Dancer Selin Louise ft. Mr Freeman - Private Dancer It all began for Selin with a Billboard chart entry reached #23 out of the gate in 2017 with up and coming Dj Jeff Morgan. Selin Louise born to a German mother and Turkish father, was exposed to the music business at a very young age, as her aunt is none other than Top 100 recording artist, and #1 Billboard Chart topping singer-songwriter, Terri B!. Terri has mentored her for many years, introducing her to an array of soulful urban artist like Tamia and Wiz Khalifa. Her rhasphy soulful charming vocal is both sensual and interesting, offering a sweet melodic energy to everything she touches. She has been working on her solo music with producer Toddi Reed, and German Dubstep/Trap kings, Donkong for several months and with Private Dancer, co-written by Selin, Terri B!, Toddi Reed and New York rapper Anthony Freeman aka “ Mr. Freeman” they found the right mix of pop and urban dance. Anthony who also wrote “Bounce” for Sarah Connor, and Terri who wrote for dance artist like Cazzette, and Medina found a hook and lyric that would fit her diverse spirit. Selin’s love for fashion and beauty is evident in eveythign she does and she lights up a room when she enters it. Russia club promoter and rapper Tony Trash of Nizhny Novgorod, offers a cool russian rap that is icing on the musical cake. Drummer, Emre Erca, lifts the Saxophone edit with live drums for an authenic mood. Private Dancer has an incredible mix package with eclectic mixes from rising star LECO (DJ Snake), Ryan Dominic, LA Rush, Spin sista, BoogieKnights, and Bauuer in the first part of a two part release for the songstress. Selin the sweet voice and hypnotic sound will be a treat for club and radio worldwide.